Monday, October 8, 2012


Intersection next to my house which is the road that leads me to every destination of my day. Sometimes benefits me but sometimes causes some stress at night...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

                                                         "Forest Primevil to Park Avenue"

Exemplifcation: Conover exemplifies life by describing the many roads that the characters traveled on such as icy snowy and steep. They all tell a story of lifes abundant challenges and how even though a road might not be visible as you get higher up a mountain, the guidelines are still there and one can still overcome the biggest and mightiest obstacle.

Division/Classification: The road that led to an intersection where a giant obelisk was built a couple miles from the main plaza show four regions of it that divided the region's people . Each side of the obelisk showcased a class of people such as indigenous peoples in the jungle, rubber tappers, Brazil nut harvesters,gold miners, and woodcutters which portrayed how the many roads are merely dividers of earth's people.

Cause and effect: Conover stresses the fact that roads also are a form of transportation not only of people but of items. He explains how roads have to be used to deliver valuable items from other countries such as mahoggany. Roads were not made in certain parts of Brazil where there is barely any civiliazation or form of travel to other countries. These roads cause a poor country to deliver expensive wood to the United States which is somewhat ironic.

Thesis: These system of networks known as roads describe life's path and how one will always be segregated in some way but are essential to finding one's self and to further advance society and culture.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012